I am a multi-passionate creative, so I choose not to focus on one medium. This approach allows me to explore possibilities that staying with one signature art form would limit. Even though I vary in my choice of medium, I consistently create a composition with a graphic design sense. My style of execution comes from my brief formal training and work within the screen printing industry in my early years. My work is composed more for an aesthetically pleasing undertone rather than with the intent of communicating a purpose, but the element of abstraction and negative space leaves room for the audience to assign some message or meaning within each piece.


A 20-year military veteran, Aaron Beebe is a design school drop-out and self-taught artist who has been featured in numerous art publications, including Recycled Trophies, his collage book developed in collaboration with Zach Collins that is now part of MoMA’s permanent library.


AARON BEEBE (b. 1972)

Self-taught (2013-present)

2019   21st Annual Postcards From The Edge, Bortolami Gallery, NYC, NY
2019   FUSION, District Art Gallery, Frederick, MD
2018   20th Annual Postcards From The Edge, Bortolami Gallery, NYC, NY
2018   Flat Files, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2018   Papiers Transatlantiques, Brock’n’Roll Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2017   19th Annual Postcards From The Edge, NYC, NY
2016   Flight/Vuelo Show, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ
2016   Support and Defend, Art League Vets Gallery, Providence, RI
2016   Gallery 110 6th Annual Juried Exhibition, Seattle, WA
2016   18th Annual Postcards From The Edge, NYC, NY
2015   17th Annual Postcards From The Edge, NYC, NY
2014   Papercuts, Asheville, NC
2014   The Big Little Art Show, Baltimore, MD
2014   16th Annual Postcards From The Edge, NYC, NY
2013   Paper or Plastic?, Speakeasy Art Gallery, Boonton, NJ
2013   6th Annual Juried Show, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA
2013   Scopophilia Project, Leicester, UK

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